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Cavity Wall Insulation

Insulate the cavity in your walls with fibre or polybead material and significantly reduce your energy bills by up to 20%. We have full access to the ECO grants provided by the large energy companies. Based on property size and heating most customers will receive majority funding and if you are claiming one of the main state benefits it will be completely free! Please contact us to arrange an assessment.


Loft Insulation

With a quarter of a property's heat literally going through the roof topping up the loft insulation to a depth of 270mm can save £200-300 a year! With comprehensive access to the ECO grants you will only pay part of the cost and, if you are claiming one of the main state benefits then it is free! Let us arrange this for you so please get in touch.


Solid Wall Insulation

Approximately a third of UK homes have very leaky solid walls which can loose up to 45% of heat. Insulating these will save many hundreds of pounds every year, depending on property size and configuration. Both external and internal insulation systems available using EPS (expanded polystyrene), with different finishes to suit customer requirements. To arrange a comprehensive survey to receive a range of competitive quotes please contact us.


Energy Performance Certificates

If you are selling or renting your property then you will legally require an EPC as part of the conveyancing process. We pride ourselves on qualitative assessments conducted promptly and professionally. The EPC will demonstrate the overall energy efficiency of a property and recommend where improvements can be made to save energy and reduce costs regardless of who is living there. Please call for an individual quote.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Despite government cuts renewables are still a worthwhile environmental and financial investment. The Renewable heat incentive for more sustainable systems such as biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal provides 7 year payments based on the heat demand of a property (EPC required). This helps payback the capital outlay. Solar PV is still popular as the feed-in tariffs remain for 20 years and the systems can be integrated with battery storage. So take control by generating your own energy and get paid for it!

Renewable Energy Solutions

Survey & Assessment

For a survey, quote or for confirmation of entitlements to grants/offers get in touch. You may be surprised at how easy and cost effective our service is. All insulation materials used conform to industry performance standards and are installed by well established, accredited organisations. We partner with a number of local, responsible organisations for renewables, glazing, heating, electrical, general building and full retrofits.

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Green Home Energy Services are experts at keeping your home warm and reducing your energy bills through effective loft and wall insulation. Have a warmer home this winter - and a cooler home in the summer - while you also reduce your CO2 emissions. So it's good for your wallet and great for the environment.

As an independent surveying company we can easily help you improve your energy efficiency at home, and will go out of our way to give you a great service experience. That's why our customers are keen to recommend us. Just take a look at our reviews on!

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